Graphic HMI for Arduino

ArduHMI with EA DOGM128-6 on an Arduino Uno.


ArduHMI is a HMI with a graphic display and buttons for an Arduino Uno and compatible boards.



The hardware is compatible with the following displays from EA (


There exist Arduinos with 3.3V and 5V. But these displays only accept 3.3V voltage levels. So a voltage regulator (LT1117) for 3.3V is implemented on the ArduHMI board and all signals to the display are routed over a 74LVX245D buffer which acts as a level shifter. Because of that ArduHMI can be used with any Arduino. The SPI signals to the display can be connected to different pins of the Arduino via 0 ohm resistors to enable the use of software or hardware SPI.

The backlight is connected to pin 10 and can be controlled via PWM.

All switches are connected via resitor deviders to one analog in (A0) to reduce pin usage.

Arduino pin usage

Arduino pindirection on Arduinousage
0-not used
1-not used
2-not used
3-not used
4-not used
5outputoption 2: serial data to display
6outputchip select to display
7outputoption 2: serial clock to display
8outputsignal A0 to display
9outputreset to display
10outputPWM backlight control
11outputoption 1: serial data to display
12outputoption: chip select to display
13outputoption 1: serial clock to display
A0inputresistor devider of switches
A1-not used
A2-not used
A3-not used
A4-not used
A5-not used
AREF-not used
SCL-not used
SDA-not used
RESET-connected to SW6
IOREF-reference voltage for pull up (U4 and U5)
VIN-not used
3.3V-not used
5V-input voltage for voltage regulator (U1)

Bill of material for ArduHMIShield 1.2

DesignatorPackageQuantityValue / Manufacturer and Partnumberorder numbers
C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6,C7,C8,C9,C10,C11C_0603111uKEM X5R0603 1,0U1759039
C12C_06031100nKEM Y5V0603 100N1759122
CN1Arduino connector1Arduino connector (cut to correct size)SL 1X36G 2,542356174
CN2display connector1display connector (cut to correct size)SPL 321023035
D1LED_06031LED greenSMD-LED 0603 GN2426215
DISEA_DOGM1281EA DOGM128-6EA DOGM128W-6digikey 1481-1068-ND
Backlight: EA LED55X46EA LED55X46-Adigikey 1481-1159-ND
EA_DOGM132alternativeEA_DOGM132-5EA DOGM132W-5digikey 1481-1073-ND
Backlight: EA LED55X31EA LED55X31-Adigikey 1481-1153-ND
EA_DOGS102alternativeEA_DOGS102-6EA DOGS102W-6digikey 1481-1094-ND
Backlight: EA LED39X41EA LED39X41-Adigikey 1481-1150-ND
Q1SOT-2312N70022N 7002 SMD2317619
R1R_060312kRND 0603 1 2K2447319
R2R_06031330SMD-0603 3302447339
R3R_06031620RND 0603 1 6202447413
R6,R7,R8R_0603330RND 0603 1 302447335
R9,R4,R21R_060331kSMD-0603 1,0K2447272
R5R_060313k3SMD-0603 3,3K2447359
R16,R18,R20R_060330RSMD-0603 02447743
SW1,SW2,SW3,SW4,SW5WE_4301820508165TAST_VER longRND 210-002071217769
SW6WE_4301820508161TAST_VER shortRND 210-002031217764
U1SOT-2231LT1117NCP 1117 ST33T3G2534191
U2SOIC-20_7.5x12.8mm_Pitch1.27mm174VHC245D74VHC 245 D2452983

DNI means do not install. Leave this part unpopulated.

The hardware is released under CERN OHL v1.2


You can order PCBs and parts for this project on Aisler:


You can find some sample software on github:
The software is released under GPL v3

more sample sooftware - ArduHMI used as a scrolling badge with an Arduino Uno.

If you have any questions contact me via email at, make an issue at github or send me a message at twitter (

Last update: 23. august 2019